Privacy Policy

Our company does not receive additional personal information from users, except for the information that enables the operation of our servers, as well as the information necessary for user registration and subsequent identification. Registered users of (can be used as: site, firm, company) confirm their acceptance of the rules of this document. All the resources we commit to our organization are used to comply with this privacy policy and to protect the rules governing the policy. This is a confirmation that all features provided are owned by the company and are provided to persons over 18 years of age.

Creating data using received data

The company informs customers that when connecting to the company’s website, the customer can disclose the following settings:

  • Information packages entered when filling in account information fields, including subsequent corrections and updates of personal information.
  • A history of contact information with the company’s service managers, including phone conversations and private messages
  • Transactions on the Company’s website remain for reporting purposes
  • Information about the hardware and software configuration of your devices with comprehensive descriptions.

One way or another, this information allows you to correctly identify the customer, understand what kind of problem he has with the software, and resolve disputes in acute situations.

The company uses cookies

As a pioneering company, uses a packet data or cookie capture method. These data fragments do not affect the security of the user’s personal data, because these packets convey the possibility of identifying you, for example, when contacting you in a chat, the manager will know how to address you. Moreover, these packages with encrypted data allow you to customize your personal zone, including game zones. To resolve technical issues, our service managers first check cookie logs to find the root cause.

Opt out of cookies

Each customer has the right to decide whether to provide such information in order to interact with the firm. You can solve this problem by disabling such requests in your browser settings. You can disable the file upload slider and then your data will not be sent to us for analysis, but in this case most of the optimized settings will not be available to you.

Meta data processing

The Company hereby informs all registered users of the Company’s website that it uses and stores information on secure servers and that the site uses a high level of encryption. The Company reserves the right to retain such information for the following purposes:

  • Determining user legitimacy and access capabilities
  • Improvement of all possible services in all areas of the portal site
  • Personal notification about the inclusion of your data in the ratings
  • Targeted advertising and marketing campaigns for your benefit
  • Providing personalized notifications about portal updates or maintenance.

The Company may retain such information on its servers for the periods specified in the policy.

Disclosure of information provided

The firm takes every precaution to protect your information and does not collaborate with other firms to provide personal information in any form. The Firm may disclose user personal information only if requested by competent authorities, complying with the law and promoting the disclosure of counterfeit money laundering activities.

Personal login

The customer has the right to change his data at his personal request through the support service or by using the account editing functions. The customer has the right to change the information as needed without any restrictions.

Changes to the document

The production and modification of this document is governed by the company’s main rules and complies with the rules and license. You can always find the latest version of this document on this page of the portal.

Contact information

If you still have questions or want to make suggestions about this document, you can contact the technical department at: [email protected].

Last Updated on 14 February 2024 by Noah G. Tremblay

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