Responsible gaming

First of all, customers should understand that the company provides all possible tools for responsible gaming and risk management. The company provides its services including problem players who can use additional options to limit their restrictions or self-exclude. In turn, the company’s resources are focused on supporting responsible gaming and ways to prevent addiction among players. company wants to provide only quality entertainment and be associated with positive emotions, therefore the company is not involved in the consequences of risks related to financial losses of the player.

Self-control section

After extensive research, the company has established a few rules to help them manage their excitement and bring more positivity and joy to the game. It was claimed that players who use the company’s products for income and profit opportunities inevitably lose their savings and become more addicted. Therefore, the firm strongly advises against using the company’s portal for the purpose of continuous profit. In addition, the firm recommends complex formalities that can save your emotional state and prevent the development of consequences:

  • Understand that this is just a game, not a way to earn money.
  • If the game goes badly, don’t try to look for an opportunity to take revenge.
  • Using the calculator, bet according to your bankroll and don’t overbid.
  • Controlling the time to play and limiting the amounts will help you stay within the necessary limits.
  • The company provides the option to suspend your account if you decide that you are losing too much without control.
  • When you contact the managers of the service, you can get support for limits and instructions for visiting specialized organizations.

By using these simple solutions, you can not only play happily, but you can know that you are running a fully controlled game and everything is in your eyes. Otherwise, just contact our managers and you will be sure to get help.

Problem detection.

Using modern measures, it is possible to identify some successes in preventing the development of such problems. For example, for questions about the extent of your addiction, it is easy to find the truth with a simple questionnaire with pre-made items. Answer the following questions responsibly to your personality so that you can be completely honest with yourself in order to achieve the desired result:

  • Has there ever been a time when gaming interfered with your work or doing important things, including your studies?
  • Have you ever used a game to distract yourself from boredom?
  • Have strangers ever criticized you for gambling?
  • Have you ever argued with your loved ones about gambling?
  • Would you lie or steal to keep playing?
  • Have you ever sold property to continue gambling?
  • Have you ever been in trouble with the law because you didn’t want to keep playing?
  • Does your game continue until your balance is zero?
  • If you lose, do you want it back immediately or double?
  • Do you get angry or frustrated when you lose a large amount of money?
  • Do you have thoughts of self-destruction or suicide after a great loss?

When you fill out the questionnaire, you can count the number of positive answers you give. If you have more than two, it is better to consult a specialist to confirm your diagnosis, and although this test is the first step in identifying addictions, it can help you identify yourself faster.

Temporary blocking

The company supports all measures for responsible gaming and helps customers overcome addiction. Thus, players must contact the service to limit their ability to play for large amounts or to pause the game altogether. If you are not able to control the time in the game or ban yourself from playing, at your personal request, experts will temporarily limit your account for certain periods depending on your preferences. Voluntary cancellation of the account means that you will not be able to use the services of the pin-up casino and its related offers for a certain period of time that you define for yourself. At any time, when the customer deems it necessary, we can consider the account unblocking request. This will be valid unless the specialized authorities control the player. In this case, any restrictions recommended by such organizations to the problem player will be considered in favor of the controlling firm.

Specialized organizations

The company cares about its users and, among other things, offers to benefit from our partnership with specialized organizations that fight the addiction of gamers. We can guarantee the quality of services of these firms:

  • GambleAware is one of the leading providers of expert practical help for problem gamblers. The wide format of services can be found on the website of the organization:
  • GamCare is one of the oldest representatives and the first to help people with social problems, including complementary and practical solutions. The website will help you find the best practice for you and you can call 0845 6000 133 to find out about the company’s branches outside the UK or its partners.
  • Gamblers Anonymous is an association that supports gamblers and above all their anonymity, in case of your acute addiction it is better to contact these experts because they solve such problems urgently. For such assistance visit
  • Gambling therapy – provides counseling and a comprehensive response to problem situations related to gambling addiction. Experts work for all the inhabitants of the world. Use these options on the organization’s website:

Measures restricting access to the Internet

In addition to the fact that only serves people over the age of 18, parents are also concerned about the control of children’s activities when accessing the Internet. Therefore, the company strongly recommends the installation of necessary filters for children or a special account for accessing the Internet to protect minors from addictive information at the initial stage. The minor’s parents are solely responsible for the minor’s access to the company’s portal or advertising materials related to the pin-up company. If activity by a minor is detected on a user account, the account will be blocked immediately. So please focus on safe and responsible gaming.

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