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Aviator game is an arcade mini-game created by a Ukrainian gambling software developer in January 2019. Every day the popularity of the game in Canada is increasing, as the game surprises with radically changed game mechanics compared to the usual slots.

The player needs to be careful and react quickly because you can only win during the Aviator flight. What distinguishes Aviator plane game is the absence of complex rules and does not require from the player a rich experience in the iGaming industry.

The advantage of the Spribe Aviator game is the dynamicity of the game, where even the longest game does not last more than 30 seconds. At the same time, users can count on impressive cash winnings, since the multiplier coefficient when flying the plane reaches x100, x200 and even more. By betting 1 dollar, you can win 200 dollars!

  • Simple rules
  • Simple, schematic graphics


Where can you play Aviator game in Canada?

Gamblers are always looking for a new online casino with the best conditions. Fortunately, today this search is simplified by sufficient expert ratings, which include our site. When creating the list of the best online casinos, experts acted according to the following criteria and selected for you the best gaming establishments that allow you to play the Aviator Spribe game in a safe environment:

  • Licensing of online casino – Pin-up casino is a verified organization with a license, which testifies to the real fair play of “Aviator” and the ability to appeal management decisions through the licensor.
  • Security on the website – PinUP Canada is an online casino equipped with SSL encryption. Your data and banking information are well protected and transactions are processed through closed channels.
  • Promotional offers – You will find many bonuses available to play with Aviator bets on sites in Pinup Canada. This will minimize your costs and increase your profits compared to online casino costs.
  • Payment methods – Pin-up Casino Canada offers Canadians convenient payment systems for playing in Canadian dollars or euros. Pin-up online casino also accepts cryptocurrency, allowing you to play anonymously.
  • Cross-platform – Pin-up casino Aviator is played on portable devices. Pin-up Canada has a well-optimized version of the browser or mobile application.

What is Aviator game?

Aviator plane game is a fast and dynamic flight and aviation game that allows players to earn impressive amounts of money instantly. In the mechanics of the game, there are no conventional reels and winnings are not paid for collecting combinations of symbols.

An airplane flight bar appears on the player’s screen, increasing the bet multiplier with each second of flight. Players must withdraw the money in time before the plane flies off the screen.

The advantage of the airplane game Aviator is in the simplicity of the game, which does not require specific knowledge of the iGaming industry. There are also minimum bets available, which along with x100 multipliers will bring a pretty big sum of money.

Is Aviator game real or fake?

Aviator is safe and legal to play because the developer of this game, Spribe, is issued with official UK license number 57302. The game provider started operating in 2018 and its games are now in extraordinary demand in any online casino. Considering the legality of the developer’s activities, you can safely play the game in one of the reliable casinos on our list.

How to play Aviator game online in Canada?

To start playing Aviator Spribe you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Use our rating to choose an online casino, taking into account its gaming advantages and bonuses .
  2. Complete the registration step by entering only correct and honest information.
  3. Use the ‘Cash’ category to start playing for money and make your first deposit.
  4. Start Aviator online and use the control panel to adjust the rate.
  5. Follow the plane’s flight according to its schedule, try to withdraw the money before the plane leaves the screen.

Aviator game functionality

To play a full-fledged Aviator game, players need to understand the game keys:

  • Bet and Cash Out – these keys are designed to set the minimum bet, adjust its size and withdraw money during the flight of the aircraft.
  • Auto Play and Auto Cash – the first button is responsible for automatic play without your participation. It allows you to set the number of rounds, specify the parameters for decreasing or increasing the balance and getting a certain amount of money. When you open Automatic Safe, you automatically withdraw money when the specified coefficient is reached.
  • Live betting statistics – this tool helps to develop or use a gaming strategy by reviewing past games or Aviator bet. Statistics show the game time, the name of the winners, the size of the bets and the last multiplier received.
  • Top Winners – this page allows you to view the latest big hitters and winners with wins for the day, month or year.
  • Online Chat – a special in-game chat allows PC or phone players to share experiences and communicate, use safe mode, public or individual messages, and receive information about new events and problems during the game.

Game Aviator algorithm

Below is the Aviator algorithm used to generate the draw results:

  • The server and game participants create a seed consisting of a 16-digit random character code.
  • After summarizing this value, players can check the result with the received code in the Provably Fair section in the account settings.
  • The results of the game are determined by the seed value of the top three players.

Best Aviator game strategies

There are no 100% working Aviator tactics that will allow you to consistently earn money in this game. This is due to the principle of operation of the outcome of the game depending on the random number generator . However, certain strategies have a positive impact on profit maximization. We will talk about these strategies in the next section.

Single betting stratefies

This type of Aviator game tips involves playing with one bet per round. The player needs to choose the bet size and coefficient , then he will withdraw the money and not continue the game. Frequently the x1.5 multiplier is selected, after which the gaming session ends. This strategy ensures balanced balance management and reduces the risk of significant cash losses.

Multiple betting stratefies

In this case, the player is offered an Aviator winning tactics in which the bet size varies depending on past game results. If the user wins, he must increase the bet. In case of loss, the player’s bet is reduced. In this case, the player needs to take into account the ratio of the bet size as 2:1, so that the second bet covers the amount of the first one, equalizing the costs.

Martingale stratefies

A simple and common Aviator betting game strategy based on doubling the bet on a losing session. The user must double the bet in case of failure to get back the deposited money. In case of a win, players repeat their bets, which guarantees the attention of the game and the reduction of losses.

The Alembert system

In this case, you use a more complex way of managing bets based on increasing or decreasing the bet amount in successive rounds. For this, a template is used that uses a specific sequence of numbers. The idea of ​​this strategy is to increase the bet by the starting amount in case of a loss, and reduce the bet by the same amount in case of a win. However, this strategy requires an impressive budget and is not suitable for low-budget players.

Tips: How to play safe

Like any game of chance, the Aviator casino game can delight in huge winnings and cause addiction. Therefore, players from Turkey should consider the possibility of serious involvement with the game, which may cause psychological, social or material problems.

In this regard, you will not need to study our tips for playing it safe:

  • Treat gambling as entertainment – no need to count on 100% winnings and try to recoup if you win. Cash games are unaffected and are purely random, both in terms of winning and losing.
  • Treat gambling as entertainment – ​​you don’t need to try to get a 100% win or make up for your losses when you win. Cash games are not affected and are completely random, both in terms of winning and losing.
  • Start playing in a good mood – a bad mood will not allow you to fully focus and keep your composure during the money game. This causes thoughtless and instinctive actions and will only lead to the loss of money.
  • Limit your expenses – set a conditional limit on the amount of money lost and won before starting the game. When you reach this, quit the game to avoid falling into addiction and spending more prepared money.

If gambling is taking over you, it’s time to stop or isolate yourself. If gambling addiction develops in a particularly acute form, we recommend that you contact GambleAware , an organization that helps people affected by gambling addiction .

Aviator download

You cannot download Play Aviator today. The provider has not created a separate version for installation on phones or tablets from the official website. However, players can play Aviator on gambling platform Pin-up using their own applications and Aviator apk.

Remember, you may come across the Aviator app on the internet and third-party sites. Given that the original provider did not create a downloadable version, such programs can harm your computer or smartphone.

Remember, you may encounter the Aviator application on the internet and third-party sites. Considering that the original provider has not created a downloadable version, such programs can harm your computer or smartphone.

PinUp Canada is the best Online casino to play Aviator on mobile devices:


FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS +400% and 250 FS. Additional bonuses.

New players only. Welcome Bonus - 400% bonus on your first deposit up to €/$100 Unless otherwise stated. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Pin-up account and you will receive this bonus instantly!

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*New players only

How to cheat the Aviator game?

Many experts claim that cheating on the Aviator game is impossible. Firstly, this is due to the availability of licensing documentation for the software vendor – Spribe. The operation of the provider’s random number generator has been verified by independent laboratories, which demonstrates the honesty of the game.

You also need to remember the working algorithm, which we have already mentioned above. It does not give you the ability to make 100% valid Aviator predictions and does not guarantee any results. You also need to understand that this closed source software does not allow you to interfere with its functioning. Moreover, when choosing an online casino from our verified list, you can be sure that there is no possibility of an Aviator game cheat.

Of course, scammers are developing similar hacked apps and offering players to purchase Aviator signal cheat. However, these have nothing to do with the official game on the sites of safe and licensed casinos. We strongly recommend that you do not download such programs because installing them is dangerous.

Conclusion about Aviator game at Pin-up Canada?

Today you learned a lot about the Aviator casino game and understood that the game gained popularity in Canada due to the real chance of getting x100, x200 and even more from the minimum amount. You don’t need supernatural knowledge of the gambling industry to play because the game mechanics are quite simple: you place a bet, wait for the rise and high odds, and click withdraw.

You’re also playing safe because its developer, Spribe, has a valid UKGC licence. Today, thousands of players from Turkey win big money in an atypical game that is radically different from slots with its exciting mechanics.

But your safety also depends on you. The player must choose a verified online casino to play the reliable Aviator game. Fortunately, the PinUp online casino Aviator game is just that.


How does Aviator game work?

The game is based on a hashing algorithm , where initially the server and the first three players receive one hash . They influence the results of the draw because the random number generator uses the hash of the server and the players to get the result as the sum of the odds.

Is Aviator game real or fake?

This is a safe and reliable game , because the developer of Spribe is officially equipped with a license from the UK Gaming Commission.

Are there Aviator game slots?

No. This game is completely different from slots. The game does not have the usual reels or rows of symbols. It all depends on the flight of the plane and the reaction of the player.

Is Aviator game licensed?

Yes. The game provider is licensed under the UK jurisdiction. And by choosing our online casinos you can visit Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao etc. You can play in licensed clubs.

Where can I play Aviator game online?

We recommend you to choose an online casino from our list . Our list includes clubs that are reliable, licensed and have a good reputation.

How can I learn the Aviator game?

You just need to run the Aviator online game in free demo mode. You can do this in one of the casinos in the rating or on the provider’s website.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Aviator game?

The withdrawal speed depends on the gaming establishment you are playing at. In the game, you choose the time to withdraw money while the plane is still flying.

How to win by playing Aviator?

The best way is to press the Cash Out button to withdraw money until the plane stops flying .

What are three most popular casino bonuses?

We recommend that you look for sites where you can get a welcome bonus or free spins without making a deposit.

What is the best App to play Aviator game online?

You cannot install the Aviator app . However, you can play from your smartphone by downloading the software of casinos such as Pin Up, Parimatch or Mostbet.

How to predict Aviator game?

There are strategies that work to predict outcomes. You can learn these from our article or on the internet. The most important thing is that you do not download various software to hack the game because this is impossible.

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